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To celebrate @noraephron @robreiner still fantastic #WhenHarryMetSally – I offer my take on Harry, Sally and romantic love in film and television generally for @thelilynews ❤️❤️❤️

Link: https://www.thelily.com/ill-have-what-shes-having-happy-30th-birthday-when-harry-met-sally/

California Dreaming


I wrote about seeing my first R-rated movie and having a major realization for feminist blog The Fem Word.

Read about “Evergreen” and “Au Pair’s” Mary Kay Place discuss her astonishing performance in Kent Jone’s, “Diane”:

See “Bottled Up’s” Josh Hamilton in upcoming special screening of “Eighth Grade” (2019 Indie Spirit Nomination Best Supporting Actor)

Read about my favorite podcast picks and why I love them here:

Juror for new website for storytellers, Sundance/ColLab:

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The Wonders at Magazzino

July 12, 2019: Italian director Alice Rohrwacaher (Happy as Lazzaro)